The Cake Boss: Personetics in action

27 01 2013

While I am making time to go down to have breakfast here in Chaves, Portugal, just enjoying a bit of TV. I’m not of a TV guy myself, so there must be some content with a huge gravitational pull in order to keep me watching.

Oh boy, some pull it is: Welcome to The Cake Boss.

The Cake Boss is a reality show in TLC Channel. Buddy Valastro runs his family bakery in Hoboken, NJ, and balances family drama with big cake builds. And it’s mesmerizing not only watching how the cakes are made, but how wildly imaginative Buddy is, and how the bakery is ruled in perfect Godfather fashion, including being chock full of Corleone antics.

Why those cakes works so amazingly well? Of course, you have Buddy’s craftsmanship, which is superb. But no. There is a really, really deep crave for appealing to personetics. The cakes try to reflect the personality and context of the final customer, and tries very hard to “capture the soul of the customer” on a nutshell.

Sure, Buddy does not take care of context and his profiling activities are somehow basic and skin deep. But get the message: It’s not about the custard and the colored sugar, not even the architectural feats that Buddy faces, but about the deep, passionate call to one’s personetics which makes by far the deepest impression. People gets shocked when a part of him/herself is exposed in such an artful manner. The cake is a Mcguffin.

Or, like they like to say in Portal: The cake is a lie.





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