Hoy el post lo hace Farooq Ansari – Sobre la tormenta perfecta personotécnica

1 10 2014

It could be argued that we are in a “perfect storm” for personalisation. Our devices are becoming increasingly smarter – they are getting better at monitoring us. The rise of the “quantified self” movement means that the sharing of personal data will only become more ubiquitous – look at the ‘Health” app on Apple’s recently released iOS8 operating system, and the rise of wearable tech everywhere. At the same time, data storage is becoming cheaper along with the related data processing and analysis services providers and tools. And, across the board, there is more expertise. The future will entail better systems, greater and more fulfilling user experiences and even more insights which are easier to access. Everyone wins.

Farooq Ansari, “How to measure the ROI on personalisation” 29/09/2014 – News360





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